Soul Movie Translation Project

Give your hand to localize Soul Movie and Soul Movie Pro

Translate Soul Movie in your language. It would be helpful to people all over the world.
If you want to join to the Soul Movie Translation Project, please mail me( to get the permission to access the files, Please describe your native language on mail. 

Join to 'Soul Movie Translation Project'!!

  1. To get the permission to edit translation files, please CLICK IT.
  2. Permission mail to modify files will be sent to you with the url
  3. Through the link, you can modify <langauge>.strings , <langauge>.market and <language>.update
  4. When translation is applied to 'Soul Movie', I'll mail you and notify contributors on the market, update dialog and release notes
  5. When new translation is required, I'll update files and mail you.

  • Thanksful Translators
    Chinese - Lisa (chen jin hui , 陳錦慧)
    Italian - Thomas William Herbert Mc Kinty 
    Arabic - abdullah al-jaser
    Turkish - H. Harun Kilimci 
    Catalan - Màrius Rey  
    Estonian - Heiki Tamm
    Spanish - Gerardo Hernández
    Croatian - Grmone
    Czech - David Kejzlar
    Slovak - David Kejzlar
    Thai - Dārgais
    Dutch - Michael Arends      

  • New Members
    Vietnam - Kyoungwoo Ryu
    French - joachim ndo, nic, Alain Duparc
    Finnish - Martti Poutanen
    Polish - Mass Viecz
    Português(Portugal) - Jorge Banha
    Hindi - Vikash Ojha
    Danish - Flemming Vang Hjorth
    Portuguese (Brasil) - Mário Celso de Araújo Aguiar
    Thai - Sopha B.  
    German - David Kejzlar
    Chinese.Simplified - sukito su
    Indonesian - Wahyu Tri S
    Swahili - Oscar Eugine

Translation Instruction

You only need to translate those are not in <>, For example, "Yes".
Just keep <string name="yes"> and </string> there, you don't need to touch them.

<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="yes">Oui</string>


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