Soul Movie Dictation Translation Project

Give your hand to localize Soul Movie Dictation

Translate Soul Movie Dictation in your language. It would be helpful to people all over the world.
If you want to join to the Soul Movie Dictation Translation Projectplease mail me( to get the permission to access the files

Join to 'Soul Movie Dictation Translation Project'!! 
  1. Mail me( to get the permission to access the files
  2. Go to 'Google Drive' and log-in with your Google Account.
  3. Through the link, you can modify <langauge>.strings , <langauge>.market and <language>.update
  4. When translation is applied to Soul Movie Dictation, I'll mail you and notify contributors on the market, update dialog and release notes
  5. When new translation is required, I'll update files and mail you.

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Translation Instruction

You only need to translate those are not in <>, For example, "Yes".
Just keep <string name="yes"> and </string> there, you don't need to touch them.

<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="yes">Oui</string>

Posted by mbyn