This is a simple description about each button of 'Browser for SkyDrive'

1.  Go to parent folder at SkyDrive. 

2.  Change select mode between single selection and multi selection.

3.  Download selected files

4.  Delete selected files at SkyDrive.

5.  Pop-up Menu for Cloud

6.  Create new folder at current folder.

7.  Select All for Cloud list

8.  Unselect All for Cloul list

9.  Go Top-folder of Cloud

10.  Go to parent folder at local.

11.  Change select mode between single selection and multi selection.

12.  Upload selected files and folders to SkyDrive 

13. Delete selected files at local.

14. Pop-up menu for Local

* When each item is clicked longer. Pop-Up Menu will show up

15. Detail information for clicked item (file or folder)

16. Download of clicked item.

17. Delete of clicked item.

18. Rename of clicked item.

19. Send the shared link to others

* Main Menu

20. Rotate screen (Landscape <-> Portrait) 

21. Dual pane mode <-> Tab Screen mode

22. Refresh current cloud folder.

23.  Pop-up Main Menu. 

24.  Login to SkyDrive

25.  Logout  SkyDrive

26.  Go to Transfer status screen, it is for background download / upload.

27.  Add to upload the Phone camera folder.

28. Go to Settings



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